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Great reviews are coming in for LAST CHANCE REUNION!

USA Today 

Last Chance Reunion by Linda Conrad

Linda Conrad's final two stories of the Chance family have been collected under one cover — Last Chance Reunion. The two stories include Texas Cold Case, which features Colt Chance, who involuntarily returns to Texas to rehabilitate, while Texas Lost and Found focuses on the reunion of the youngest, missing Chance child with the family.

Conrad is a master at her craft of blending, at just the right dosage, suspense with romance. She manages to make the characters jump off the page with bold, yet touching, heart-wrenching angst. I loved Colt — hunky and determined with a beautiful heart.

The baby of the family, Cami, needed a longer a story. With a backstory of a child kidnapping and a tumultuous upbringing, these emotional issues deserved additional pages. Given Conrad's ability to write powerful, emotional scenes, I'm confident that she delivered. Cami was put through the wringer, and she certainly deserved a turn to the bright side of life.


LAST CHANCE REUNION wraps up the Chance, Texas miniseries with two action-packed novellas where emotions are conflicted and passion runs high. Both stories resolve several of the mysteries that have plagued the Chance brothers for years, but the journey to discovering these unknown facts is often dangerous and even life-threatening. While the first story may answer some questions that have been around since the first book in the miniseries, the second story brings to light any other information needed to satisfy my inquisitive interest in the Chance family. Linda Conrad always creates outstanding connected books for her miniseries, as the characters are believable and the events in their lives seem very true-to-life. The Chance, Texas miniseries is one of the best in Ms. Conrad’s career.

Fresh Fiction

"These two last stories are an exceptional ending to the Chance Texas saga. I have followed this family from the beginning and am sad to find it has come to an end . I have thoroughly enjoyed this exciting series through all the sexy and rugged cowboys in the family. Each story has been filled with hot sex and emotional turmoil along with all the excitement a reader could want. Linda Conrad has the vision and talent to bring her characters to life for the reader. This series is a great read! I know with confidence that any book I choose by this author will always be a fulfilling and great read."
                                                              by Kay Quintin


Romance Junkies

"In LAST CHANCE REUNION, Ms. Conrad sweeps readers up into the two suspense-filled stories, bringing them to life for her readers as she successfully culminates this fast-paced, steamy hot CHANCE, TEXAS series. Packed with wonderful characters, scorching sensuality, humor, mystery, clever dialogue, danger, healing, tender romance and true love, this story is unforgettable. As a longtime fan of Ms. Conrad’s work, I hated to see this series end. Still I look forward to seeing what this gifted author comes up with next. If you enjoy great stories, filled with plenty of heat, humor and suspense, pick up a copy of LAST CHANCE REUNION. While you are at it, why not pick up the rest of the books in this series. I am sure you will be glad you did!"                                                      

5 Stars By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie



 RTBookreviews - August 2013

"Conrad's latest has two intricate plots that intertwine well together, two strong and loveable heroes and plenty of sizzling chemistry."
                                                     4 stars by  Alexandra Kay

Contemporay Romance Reviews blog at Romance Book Haven

"TEXAS COLD CASE is a thrilling, spine tingling story. The mystery of who the killer was finally was solved. This story is packed with danger and thrills. Once you start reading you won’t be able to stop till you reach the end. Author Linda Conrad has once again astounded her readers with this spell binding story with a unique twist."
"TEXAS LOST AND FOUND is full of drama, action and danger. With car chases and police stakeouts! Josh is a strong hero but Nina is full of courage and determination. Linda Conrad has packed this thriller with danger, emotional punch and some sizzling scenes as well."
                                                       by  Nas Dean

TEXAS COLD CASE...This is an action packed, thriller, hold your breath mystery and I have to admit the true killer surprised me.  WOW

"TEXAS LOST AND FOUND...I loved both of these characters. Both were strong and Nina finally let ehr walls down with Josh. I also loved how tender Josh was with her the first time they made love.  I thought the author handled that scene really well.

                                                          5/5 stars by Nancy Haven