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Shadow Watch

May 2006
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN # 978-0373274888

Secrets After Dark

From the moment Dr. Victoria Sommer laid eyes on sexy Navajo medicine man Ben Wauneka, her dreams filled with images of Ben protecting her, holding her – making love to her. But Tory had a lot to learn about Ben's world, and with an eerie enemy stalking her, she had to learn fast.

Evil shape-shifters Ben had sworn to destroy had targeted Tory. And while she had captivated him, he couldn't forget the vow of celibacy he'd made to protect his people, nor the secret he had to hide as long as he could. With their beliefs clashing and desire rising to fever pitch, Ben had to choose between duty and the woman he was forbidden to love.

NIGHT GUARDIANS - the Navajo brotherhood keeps watch in the night at any cost.

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Shadow Watch


The air whooshed from Tory’s lungs as she took a good look at sight that greeted her on the other side of the door. It was her dream, or almost. Ben stood at the edge of the front deck with his back to her. He faced east and the sun’s first tender rays of peach and yellow as they peeked over a distant mountain.

Naked from the waist up and with his ebony hair streaming down his shoulders from under a pale blue sash around his forehead, he seemed to be chanting something - - or perhaps those were whispered prayers. He raised his arms and sprayed a dark blue substance into the wind. When he did that, the copper-colored skin tightened across his back as the ridges and bulges of muscles rippled with his every move.

Holy Mary, Mother of God. Tory had never been desperate to have a man touch her, take her. But seeing Ben looking so male and virile, that was all she could imagine.

Parts of last night’s dream soared back into her brain. The images came fast and furious in lightening-like flashes. Ben, with his hair just this way held back by a blue sash and with his face decorated in odd bright lines of paint, carrying her up to the top of a rock-strewn mountain.

Another flash and she remembered the danger. Something had been chasing them up the side of that mountain. Snarling fangs, yellow eyes. A big dog or maybe a wolf.

She remembered an echo of fear. But the safety and protection she’d felt in Ben’s arms blocked everything else as he’d bent to sear a kiss across her lips.

Whew, boy. She needed to get a grip on her emotions here. Ben was no noble savage, and it was not likely they would be chased up any cliffs.

He was a dedicated physician who could be facing total blindness. And, by the way, she was no wilting heroine who needed rescuing either.

Shaking her head to disperse the last remnants of the dream, Tory took a step and straightened her spine. Right now she had to breathe in reality, put aside the nagging lust created by the dream and move into the morning light to stand beside him.


Ben had heard Tory open the door behind him. But he didn’t want to turn until he had finished the last part of his morning ritual prayers.

It was probably time for them to have a conversation about medicine men and Navajo traditionalism. Might be a long discussion. At least he hoped she would stick around long enough to hear him through.

“What was that blue, feathery substance you were throwing into the wind?” Her low, smooth voice was softer than ever this morning.

He turned to answer, but she wasn’t looking at him. Instead, Tory stared out at the view across his beloved Dinetah valleys and canyons. Under the Navajo blanket that was covering her hair, her face glowed with the rosy yellow rays of the rising sun. Radiating with health and with good will written right into her expression, she was the most beautiful vision he had ever beheld - - except for the one that lay several thousand feet below her.

Waiting a second for his heart to start up again, Ben tried to think of a way to get around to everything he wanted to tell her.


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