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Slow Dancing With a Texan

April 2004
Silhouette Desire #1577
ISBN # 978-0373765775

For an advice columnist, Lainie Gardner was suddenly without sound thought but on sensory overload when she found herself dancing in Sloan Abbott's arms. Theirs was an impossible relationship--he, the Texas Ranger protector; she, the celebrity protectee. Under normal circumstances, their paths never should have crossed. But when her life suddenly, terrifyingly had gone from run-of-the-mill to on-the-run, it was Sloan whose body had shielded hers and who now stirred dangerous feelings in her. For Lainie--the-professional would have wisely counseled against an affair that could lead nowhere.

But Lainie--the-woman wasn't listening...

Slow Dancing With a Texan


Never before had Lainie taken so much as a moment to think about getting married and having a child. Rocking a baby, watching it grow were things she'd refused to consider.

She'd been so wrapped up in her career, so busy getting ahead that she hadn't given a family of her own a second thought.

Lainie blinked back wetness. She slid a glance over at Sloan's profile, wondering what he thought about having kids.

She chastised herself for being an idiot. Know a guy for three days, share one spectacular dance and an equally spectacular kiss and you start thinking of diapers and baby blankets? That was just the sort of thing she counseled against in her column. She'd told literally hundreds of women not to do anything so foolish.

Good thing she and Sloan had only shared kisses.

Oh, but she wanted to share so much more...


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