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Secrets, Lies . . . and Passion

October 2002
Silhouette Desire
ISBN # 978-0373764709

The night before their wedding Reid Sorrels had disappeared without a trace, leaving Jill Bennett with the ultimate keepsake. Now, ten years later, Reid was back in town, and Jill held fast to the deception that was her only defense against a broken heart.

The pain of seeing Jill again was almost too much for Reid to bear. He'd sworn to forget the daddy's girl who hadn't cared enough to find him, but how could he stop his heart from aching at the sight of her...or forgive her for not telling him about their son?

Secrets, Lies . . . and Passion


"YOU LOOK GREAT, Jill." It killed Reid Sorrels to get the words out, but they were the simple truth. He mentally tried to steel himself against Jill Bennett's presence. His temples pounded with the hurt of seeing her again. The sweat beaded up and began to trickle down his chest under his shirt. He fought for some of his famous control.

After all these years, the conflict he felt between wanting to hurt her and wanting to ravage her on the nearest table nearly finished him off. SHE was supposed to be the conflicted and impulsive one. After that fateful night ten years ago, she'd been the one who had run off to Paris and gotten married before he could come back and explain what had happened.

Reid closed his eyes to avoid seeing the raw look in Jill's. He'd noted the quick flash of darkness in them before she recovered and composed herself. If he hadn't known her so well...if he hadn't dreamed about those expressive eyes every night for the last ten years, he might have missed it. Was he the cause of the pain so clearly written on her face? Even now after all these years?

"Jill, I wanted to say I'm sorry about our wedding day. I didn't have a choice." He could barely speak, but everything inside him screamed to tell her the he knew it. But Reid only knew one small incomplete part of the story himself.

He looked away. He'd learned the hard way how to detach and control. So why was he having so much trouble being close to her now? He should still hate her. But he didn't. Not by a longshot.


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