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Rancher's Perfect Baby Rescue

Perfect, Wyoming continuity series
February 2012
ISBN #978-0373277629

Cult member Susannah Paul had been grateful to the Devotees for helping her when she was pregnant and alone. But when her baby was born with a minor defect, she discovered the horrible truth about Cold Plains. And she ran. Desperate and exhausted, she found refuge at the Pierce ranch…and a savior in surly Nathan Pierce.

Nathan had plenty of reasons to distrust the Devotees…and Susannah had been one of them. But as the delicate beauty insinuated herself into his life and his heart, Nathan realized she was different. And very much in danger. Soon nothing mattered more than protecting Susannah and her child from the evil closing in around them.

Perfect, Wyoming: Where perfection has a deadly price.

Rancher's Perfect Baby Rescue


Where were those dogs? Nathan whistled again and then listened. He heard Buck the coonhound baying from somewhere nearby. Buck never bayed like that unless he had a critter cornered.

Hell. Another chore that would have to be attended to before he could start his day.

Nathan strode forcefully toward the dogs’ commotion, wondering if he would need a rifle to dispatch whatever kind of critter could have wandered into one of the barns. He hated the thought of killing a hapless wild animal and decided to try shooing whatever it was back out into the woods without deadly force. He just hoped the damned thing wasn’t a skunk.

By the time he reached the dogs, his ranch foreman was coming from around the other side of the barn with a rifle already in hand.

“Hold it, Mac. Take charge of the dogs and let me see what we’ve got cornered before we go tearing in guns blazing.”

“Okay, boss. It’s your skin.” With a grin, Mac grabbed the three dogs by their collars and held tight.

Nathan shook his head and entered the largest hay barn. Was he being foolish to come unprotected? Stopping right inside the door to pick up a pitchfork, he cautiously walked down the long center aisle while being careful to check both right and left among the huge stored hay bales.

Toward the end of the aisle, right before the entrance to the tool storage area, Nathan heard a strange noise. He stopped and listened intently. What was that sound? It wasn’t like any animal he’d ever encountered. But then after a few seconds, he took that sentiment back.

The noise sounded for all the world like the mewling cries of a newborn kitten. Geez. The dogs were going nuts over a new litter of kittens?

Just in case he was wrong, Nathan hefted the pitchfork in both hands and crept quietly around the half wall on his way to the main storage room and the cries.

What he saw on the other side of the wall stopped him cold—not kittens. There, hunkered down in the hay was a gorgeous woman cradling a fussy newborn infant in her arms.

After finding his voice, he cleared his throat and tried to calm her. “Uh, excuse me. Miss. Um. Mrs…”

The woman blinked her eyes and then jolted straight up, pointing at the pitchfork. “Oh my. Don’t hurt us. Who are you? I…” Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she collapsed into the hay.


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