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The Laws of Passion

October 2004
Silhouette Desire #1609
ISBN # 978-0373766093

THE LAWS OF PASSION continues the Dynasties: Danforth series with Marcus Danforth's story. The youngest son of Abraham Danforth, Marcus has been arrested and charged with racketeering! Though his family is sure is he innocent, a beautiful FBI agent who has been sent to investigate the case is not so positive. Suddenly, Marcus must not only prove his innocence to stay out of jail and save his family, he must also find a way to save his heart!

From the 2004 series DYNASTIES: THE DANFORTHS

The Laws of Passion


A few minutes after they arrived back at his farm they were dragging the mountain of clothes and boxes of makeup that Imogene had lent to Dana out of the back of the SUV. "Geez," he said as he hefted one of the boxes into the house. You're too beautiful to need makeup at all. What's all this junk for, anyway?" She didn't answer him until they were safely inside. "I need it to be under...undercover," she stuttered, then stopped and stared at him. "Do you really think I'm beautiful?"

"Sure." It took a minute for her question to register as he helped her hang the clothes in the guest closet. Didn't she realize how truly gorgeous she was?

"Dana, hold on a minute." Taking her hand, he made her stop unpacking clothes and focus on his face. "You're a very unique woman, Special Agent Aldrich. There aren't many as strong, competent and intelligent at their jobs as you are.'re so much more. You can also be soft and gentle when needed. You light up any room just by your presence. are one of the sexiest woman I've ever met."

As he ran a finger across her cheek, her eyes opened to the size of two full moons. Marc tried to find the words to make her see herself as he saw her. "Your big brown eyes hold every mystery ever kept by womankind. Your skin is pure pleasure to touch. And your hair..."

He grabbed a handful of her deep ebony ringlets and totally lost his train of thought. Leaning toward her, he hovered between agony and ecstasy. All he could see was her pale soft lips, just inches from his own. But he wasn't sure she wanted the same thing he suddenly had to have.

Close enough to smell a slight scent of musk, he bent forward and pressed his lips to hers. She whimpered with an erotic sound that fired his blood. She was all woman now.

Marc deepened the kiss, needing to consume her before the ground gave way under his feet. "I want you," he whispered into her mouth.

Suddenly, he felt an angry shove against his mid section. Slightly dazed, he lifted his head and gazed down into her face.

"Nice try, counselor." She grinned as she stepped away from him. "That's quite a line you've got going there. But I told you last night that sharing kisses is a mistake. I'm here to protect you and find evidence against the cartel. If we can locate Escalante, all the better. I'm not here to jump into your bed."

She walked over to the bedroom door and held it open, indicating she was ready for him to leave. "It's late. We'll be going to your office in the morning, just as you usually would. You'd better get some rest."

Reluctantly, he shuffled out the door. But before she could close it against him, he turned back.

"The heat is there between us, sugar," he told her. "You can't make it go away just because you don't want it. Sooner or later that heat will bubble over. Neither of us can stop it."

She laughed and raised her eyebrows. "I have a lot more control than that...sugar. Now go to bed. I'll keep an eye on things tonight. You get a good night's sleep."

He pressed his lips together and stepped back enough so that she could close the door in his face. Lord, this was going to be a tough night.

Muttering under his breath, Marc went down the hall and prepared himself for bed - - alone. But he was absolutely positive he wasn't going to get a wink of sleep.


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