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Texas Manhunt

Book 2 of Chance, Texas mini-series
April 17, 2012
ISBN  978-0373277759

Rancher Travis Chance has a soft spot for lost souls. Stranded and broke in Chance, Texas, Summer Wheeler ignites in him a fierce desire to protect her. Clearly the fragile beauty is hiding something. But despite his disastrous romantic history, Travis knows in his gut he can trust her.

Summer comes to Chance looking for one of the men who devastated her life. Though she hates lying to him, Travis’s job offer provides a means to her end. But she never counted on falling for the sexy rancher and his troubled little girl. Then “accidents” start happening at the family homestead. Has Summer brought the danger to the two people who are teaching her to love again?

Texas Manhunt


The thin thread of his resolution finally snapped when she tipped her head back and gazed up at him, her eyes filled with intense desire. Damn. Everything he’d wanted since the first time he’d seen her was right there, waiting for him to make the first move. So much for chivalry. So much for thinking things through.

However, it turned out he didn’t make that first move. She did. She flung her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Covering her mouth with his was like an automatic response. Somewhere in the back of his mind a semi-sane thought urged him to go gentle. Ease into the kiss. But he’d been dreaming about kissing this woman and couldn’t find his balance now that the time was here.

Instead he lost himself in the pleasure that was all Summer. Lost what was left of his mind in the softness of her lips. To the firmness of her breasts pressed against his chest. To the curve of her hip as his hand roamed up her back. Without thinking, he fisted his hands in her hair and tipped her head back, allowing himself access to feast on her full lips. With a flavor like spun honey.

Plunging his tongue inside her mouth, he gratefully took whatever she offered. He licked and nipped and tangled his tongue with hers in a frenzy of erotic moves. She moaned deeply, a sexy sound, and mimicked his moves.

Her inhibitions spurred him on, as she flipped off his hat and dug her fingers into his hair, holding his head in place. His heart thudded wildly in his chest while he slid his hand up under her shirt and shoved her bra aside. Her skin was hot, all firm satin and pulsating silk. When she arched her back and thrust her breasts forward, he pebbled a nipple between his fingers and listened while her breathing quickened.

Hard as a rock and straining against his jeans, he broke off the kiss and trailed a string of kisses along her jaw and down her neck. He totally lost track of the world around them. Forgot all about her being thrown from the horse. Forgot everything but what he’d wanted to do to her—what he’d dreamed of them doing together. He’d longed for this taste of heaven. Night after night. Fed his fantasies as he was now feeding his senses.

His fingers absently moved to the buttons on her shirt. He had the top three undone when she planted her hands on his chest and pushed. A second went by before he rearranged his brain cells enough to understand.

Dropping his hands, he leaned back. “What’s wrong?”

Her face was a grimace of pain. “My ankle. I…I can’t stand up anymore.”



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