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Shadow Force

April 2006
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN # 978-0373274833

Vowing to protect his people on the Navajo reservation, FBI agent Kody Long joined a secret brotherhood and stood guard in the night against a mystical foe --- a clan of evil shape-shifters. But when the enemy targeted beautiful Reagan Wilson, a scientific genius who'd come to the reservation to find her missing father, Kody faced another threat. Being with Reagan stirred a fire within him, awakening a forbidden passion he tried hard to ignore. He'd sworn no woman would distract him from his duty, but protecting Reagan meant keeping her close. A dangerous situation if their enemy discovered his potentially fatal weakness...

NIGHT GUARDIANS - the Navajo brotherhood keeps watch in the night at any cost.

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Shadow Force


“Well...” The noise that interrupted her thought was more like a vibration than a real-to-life audio tone. It was a sound unlike anything she’d ever heard before.

Kody blinked once. “It’s daylight, dammit.” He’d mumbled the words absently, but then he quickly grabbed her

by the arm and yelled, “Run, Reagan. Follow me.”

Run? Where?

But her questions were moot. After dragging her up the hill by the arm for a few yards, Kody swung back and circled her around the waist - - without missing a step. Before she knew what hit her, she was being swept along, her feet barely touching the ground.

A second or two later they topped a rise and Reagan caught sight of his pickup parked in front of a big round log house. The noise grew ever louder.

Kody moved fast. It all seemed like a blur. Within a precious few moments, he opened the truck door, threw her flat on her back into the front seat and then landed on top of her as the door slammed shut behind them.

Immediately, the bright sunshiny day turned dark as night, and the roar of a strange clicking noise outside the truck increased, drowning out all possibility of speech.

Minutes passed as she gulped for air underneath him. She should have been scared. Instead, all she thought about was the body of the gorgeous Native American man, laying so tightly against hers on this cramped seat.

She could feel every one of his hard muscles and rough angles as they pressed her down. He seemed to be mumbling something in her ear, but she couldn’t make out his words due to the high clicking noise of whatever was outside the truck.

As the whisper of Kody’s breath fanned her face, Reagan’s nipples hardened, her skin grew damp and her heart raced more furiously than it had during their run up the hill. They were so close their legs were intertwined. She tried to inch away from him, while the smell of their combined sweat tangled together in her nostrils and quickly heightened the rest of her senses.

His essence surrounded her. Captured her.

The noise outside began to subside, and she realized Kody was chanting what must be Navajo words. He wasn’t trying to soothe or stir her. She could not have understood what he’d said.

“I can’t breathe. You’ll have to let me up now.”

“Okay. Just a minute,” he mumbled against the sensitive skin of her throat.

That was all she could stand. “Please. Now.” She pushed hard against his chest.

He lifted himself up on his elbows and his dazed gaze locked on to hers. “Have you made your choice yet? Cause if you haven’t, I know what I want. I want you to stay.”

“What?” She couldn’t think and couldn’t believe what she’d heard. At least, not while the lower half of his body still pushed her down into the seat.

She looked deep into his eyes and saw the same passion burning there that she was feeling. So much for choices.

Ah hell.


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