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Desperado Dad

August 2002
Silhouette Desire #1458
ISBN # 978-0373764587

The leather-jacketed stranger was clearly as dangerous as any man Randi Cullen had ever set eyes on. But she couldn't abandon him — or the defenseless baby with him — to the rainswept Texas night....

She offered them both a refuge on her isolated ranch. And when she learned that Manuel Sanchez was an undercover federal agent hunting a ruthless killer, she even agreed to marriage — in name only — to protect his cover....

But having this man in her life was touching off a storm of desire in an untouched woman's heart — a storm from which she feared she would never find shelter....

Desperado Dad



She held the gold-banded gem in her palm and raised her head, trying to find some answer in his eyes. What was he telling her? What was he really asking?

Manny's expression was stern and hard. "Not a diamond. It's just a glass ring." He narrowed his eyebrows. "A fake ring for a pretend engagement. My boss wants me to stick around the Running C. He wants me to use you and Ricky to find the kidnapper's contact man."

She knew a scarlet flush of embarrassment rushed up her throat and covered her face. How foolish and naive must she be, for heavens sake? Of course this was part of his job and definitely not a declaration of love.

"Oh ...," she stammered. "I see."

She'd known for years that she was not the kind of woman that would inspire any great passion. But she wanted it so badly she'd obviously turned into some kind of basket case--desperate to have someone who would really care about her and never leave her behind.

She turned her back to him so he couldn't see the tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

Just glass tears. Fake tears for a pretend love, she echoed to herself. She bit down on her lip to cover the hurt inside.


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