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The Cowboy's Baby Surprise

June 2002
Silhouette Desire #1446
ISBN # 978-0373764464

More than a year had passed since FBI agent Carly Mills's partner disappeared. Then, just when she'd almost given up hope, she found him, working as a cowboy on a Texas ranch. But, incredibly, he had no memory of his true identity --or the passion they had once shared...

She ached to take Witt Davidson in her embrace and tell him who he really was, what he had always meant to her. But what if he could never remember the sizzling desire that had constantly flashed between them? And what would he do when he learned of the beautiful child their love had created...?

The Cowboy's Baby Surprise


THE LAST BIT OF COFFEE in Houston's cup spilled out on the ground while the heat of the night penetrated the still air. The earthstopped rotating as they gazed into each other's eyes. Like the parched ground of the pastures, the need to drink her in rose up in him.

He slid his hand from her shoulder to her flush-stained neck and let his fingers glide over that silky flesh. "What's happening between us, Carley? Why do I feel as though we're meant to be together?"

The brashness of his remark threw him for a loop. How could he say such things to a near stranger?

But Carley didn't look thrown -- or upset. She also didn't answer him. She just looked wide-eyed, soft and sexy as all hell. He took a breath and thought he smelled strawberries again. He figured it shouldn't, but the fragrance turned him on instantly.

Houston's fingers stroked the outline of her jaw. He knew this was crazy, but...he couldn't seem to stop.

Carley exhaled quietly and closed her eyes. He really couldn't help himself. His thumb needed...had to...stroke her full lower lip. Brushing it lightly, he closed his own eyes against the strong sensations. He wanted her desperately.

He felt her eyes pop open at that instant and he knew she was drawing away, even before she moved. She had a lot more sense than he had.

He cleared his throat and tried to sound unaffected. "If I hadn't been here, would you have gone outside? By yourself, I mean."

"Of course, for all the good it would have done me." She laughed softly and put a hand to the hair as if trying to pat down the tangles. "I must look a sight. What are you doing up at this hour, anyway?"

Houston walked to the counter to set down his mug. "I'm always up by now," he said without facing her, trying to steady his badly shaken libido. "Time to start my workday."

When he turned around to finish explaining about ranch chores, he felt a vague wave of nausea -- then a thump in the vicinity of his chest. Carley stood in the doorway, leaning one hand against the door frame and smiling at him. Her hair billowed around her head like a burnished cloud. Soft, touchable -- and memorable.

A fleeting strand of memory floated in -- and back out -- of his conscious mind. It was almost like a path to the past had opened in his brain. But as quickly as it came, it was gone.

Houston felt so frustrated at not being able to capture the memory he was speechless. His hands fisted with the anger surging inside him. Why couldn't he simply open the window in his mind and remember?


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