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The Gentrys: Cal

July 2003
Silhouette Desire #1524
ISBN # 978-0373765249

After a devastating car accident killed his wife, injured racing celebrity cal Gentry came home to the family ranch to nurse his wounds and find a nanny for his infant daughter. And when tantalizing, dark-haired angel Bella Fernandez appeared at his door, Cal thought she was the answer to his prayers. He didn't expect the blazing passion that her presence sparked within his soul. But danger had followed the south-of-the-border beauty to the Gentry ranch, where she discovered even greater peril in Cal's sensual embraces. Could the blissful haven of their passion heal Cal and Bella's wounded hearts?

THE GENTRYS: This West Texas family vows to love, honor—and protect—at all costs.

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The Gentrys: Cal



Cal's eyes had turned steely gray. "I've been standing here in the dark watching the plain because I can feel those coyotes out there...somewhere. I'm afraid I've made a mistake bringing you out here.

Bella looked out through the window into the black night. "Have you seen something?"

He reached up and took hold of shoulders. "No. But I don't need that to know they're out there." He squeezed her shoulders, as if to push her away. Instead his fingers massaged...caressed. Aroused beyond belief, he said, "Go to bed."

But his hands stayed where they were. Too close. Too intimate.

Bella threw her arms around his neck. "Take me there."

Staggered, his blood was racing. He leaned against the kitchen counter to keep himself steady. But he didn't have a chance to think about it.

"Take me," she whispered in his ear. "I know you want me. Take me now."


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