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The Gentrys: Abby

June 2003
Silhouette Desire #1516
ISBN #978-0373765164

Abby Gentry never wanted to risk losing her heart to anyone. But when she rescues her old high school crush from certain death, her virginal innocence is swept away by flames of desire.

Sexy Comanche Gray Parker will do anything to thank Abby for saving him--even masquerade as her fiancé to save her from her matchmaking brother. Before long her flashing green eyes and sensuous lips ignite the passions in his soul. But to win this woman he so desperately wants, his heart will have to battle his traditions--and win!

THE GENTRYS: This West Texas family vows to love, honor—and protect—at all costs.

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The Gentrys: Abby


"You offered to marry me out of some sense of duty?"

"I owe you my life, Abby Gentry," Gray said. "I would do much more than that to honor the debt."

He dragged her into his arms, wrapping her in his embrace. "We'll make the next couple of months go by quickly and easily, Abby. Have no fear."

When she raised her head, dark passion flashed in her blazing green eyes. But she made no move to be free of his arms.

"I guess I should thank you for stepping in to help," she said hoarsely.

She let her hands roam over his powerful chest and felt his skin ripple lightly in response. How wonderful it was to feel what she could do to a man's body...


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